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Alfred Poor
Keynote Speaker – Healthcare Innovation

An Interview with Alfred Poor, The Health Tech Futurist:

This 3-minute interview gives some insight into Alfred Poor as a speaker and health technology expert. It also gives meeting planners an idea of what it is like to work with Alfred, and how his goal is to do what he can to make your event a huge success.


Authority Magazine: "5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me"

As part of their interview series on how business leaders have pivoted in response to the challenges of the pandemic, they also published this short video in which I share five things I wish I had known before starting my own businesses.

CES 2020: Digital Health Summit speech: "The NY Times Was Wrong"

The New York Times published an article claiming that employee fitness incentive programs don’t work. In this 10-minute speech, I present some of the compelling evidence that refutes this conclusion, and give three ways that company leaders can improve their chances of creating a successful program.

CES 2020: Interview with Dave Graveline of "Into Tomorrow"

Dave Graveline and I talked for his “Into Tomorrow” show while we were at the ShowStoppers event. You can also listen to it as a recording by clicking here. (My apologies to the smart and clever people at Abbott who developed the objective blood test to diagnose concussion injuries; I plead exhaustion-induced brain fade for attributing their work to the wrong company.

CES 2020: Digital Health Summit interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend and colleague, Dr. Nick Van Terheyden, the Healthcare Incrementalist. We had a free ranging discussion covering inflection points, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and more.

CES 2020: Digital Health Summit interview

Dr. Jamie Skipper and I enjoyed a conversation about trends and challenges in healthcare and the role that technology must play in making it more effective and efficient.

CES 2019: Digital Health Summit interview

CES 2019: Digital Health Summit panel: Voice tech and wearables

Panelists include Lynnette Cook, Global CEO of Kantar, and Manny Montalvo, Vice President of Global Commercial Operations with Teva.

CES 2018: Digital Health Summit interview

CES 2018: Digital Health Summit panel: Meet the transformers

Panelists include Dr. Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer of AbleTo; Tom Riley, CEO and President, SeniorLink; and Dr. Zubin Eapen, Chief Medical Officer of CareMore Health.

Articles, Podcasts, and Publications

Health Tech Futurist Alfred Poor: The Power of Flexibility; How I Was Able To Pivot To A New Exciting Opportunity Because Of The Pandemic: Interviewed as part of Authority Magazine’s series on “How I Was Able To Pivot To A New Exciting Opportunity Because Of The Pandemic”.

The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing PioneersInterviewed in a chapter as one of 35 thought leaders in healthcare innovation.

Becker’s Hospital Review: quoted in article “The focus of the tech C-suite of the future? Data, data & more data, say health IT experts from Mayo Clinic, Eko & more”

Thrive Global: article interview with Alfred Poor, The Health Tech Futurist

Business.com: quoted in article “Pros and Cons of Fitness Trackers for Employees”

Disruptor Daily: quoted in article “What Technology Will Most Impact The Future Of Healthcare? 29 Experts Share Their Insights”

Dr. Nick — the Incrementalist: podcast interview with Alfred Poor

Temboo blog: quoted in article on “A Fantastic Voyage Into the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)”

Times Union newspaper:  “Future of tech, economic development on display at CEG awards” — report on Alfred Poor as keynote speaker