Alfred Poor

Speaker, Author, and Technology Expert

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Alfred Poor has written more than 4,000 reviews, overview articles, and columns over the past 30 years. He has reached millions of readers worldwide. He has several talents that have earned him praise from editors and clients.

  • He is skilled at explaining complex concepts so that people can put the information to work.
  • He is a quick study, and can get up to speed on new subjects in a short time.
  • He can write for a wide range of audiences, from the general public to academic experts.
  • He writes clean copy that requires a minimum amount of editing.
  • He brings a broad base of understanding of a wide range subjects that add depth and context to his analysis of a specific topic.
  • He can be trusted to deliver on time and communicate openly throughout the assignment.

Whether you need a one-time project or an on-going column, whether you need a few hundred words or a few thousand, contact Alfred Poor to find out whether the assignment is a good match. And whether you need the project in a month or a day, you can count on Alfred to tell you whether or not he’s available and can deliver on time.

Contact information for editors who will provide references about working with Alfred is available on request.

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