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You spend more time than ever in video meetings and making online presentations. Make the most of this investment by standing out from the others. Be the most influential person on the screen!

Corporate executives and industry thought leaders know how to get their message across in person. But put many of these same people in front of a webcam for a video meeting or to make a presentation at an online conference, and they seem to settle for “good enough.”

We’ve all witnessed this: speakers who have an extreme “up the nose” camera angle and a cluttered or distracting background. They fail to engage their audience with their actions, their words, or their delivery. In short, their online impression is not on brand or on message for their company and their mission, and they waste an opportunity to be more persuasive and influential.

You can make a better return on the time you invest in video meetings and online presentations. A personal video meeting advisor can give you the guidance you need to make changes that you can put to work right away!

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Meet Alfred Poor:
Video Meeting Advisor

Alfred Poor is a keynote speaker and a virtual meeting technology expert with an international reputation. He has presented at online conferences worldwide and has produced virtual events from multi-day speaker summits to a series of online tradeshows for consumer technology companies.

Alfred has helped hundreds of people improve their online presence with specific, practical, and effective guidance. He can help you or your team make changes that will help you communicate more effectively so that you can close more business and bring more success.


The Three “I’s”
of Improvement


Don’t try to boil the ocean. Pick one factor to improve, master that, and then build on that success with the next improvement

Some coaches will just dump you into some enormous online course to work through on your own, whether the content is relevant to your needs or not.

That’s not what Alfred does.



Don’t just accept the defaults. Make each improvement a conscious choice.

Instead, he provides targeted advice specific to your individual needs. He will identify the one factor that will yield the biggest improvement. Once you have achieved that, he will move onto the next, and the next.



Don’t waste time and money on changes that won’t move the needle. Start with the improvements that will yield the largest and fastest return on your time and money.

How to Work with Alfred

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Alfred can work with you individually or with your team to improve your impact in video meetings and online presentations. He offers a range of packages that include unlimited access to him personally; you won’t be dealing with surrogates or substitutes.

The next step is to schedule a free call to find out whether or not his services are a good match for your needs. There is no charge and no obligation. You can find a time on his schedule by clicking here (he is in US Eastern time, UTC -5 in the winter), or send an email to with times that are convenient for you and we’ll see what matches up.


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