Alfred Poor

Speaker, Author, and Technology Expert

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It’s a jungle out there! Most students learn how to write a résumé. Some may even learn how to prepare for a job interview. But how do they learn the skills and strategies that will help them land that all-important first job out of college, hold onto it, and speed that next promotion?

This lively and dynamic presentation is packed with practical information that your students can put to work right away to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of real-world employment.

 Your students will learn:

  • Three essential skills that will gain the support of co-workers at all levels
  • One surprising lesson from fast food that applies in any job
  • What their primary responsibility really is, no matter what their job description says

 Based on the book

Alfred Poor’s “Survive the Corporate Jungle” presentation is based on his latest book: “7 Success Secrets that Every College Student Needs to Know!” This short book is written in a breezy style that students will enjoy, but it is built on a solid foundation of organizational dynamics and applied psychology.

The book is published by Desktop Wings, Inc. ( with a list price of $19.97. The 110-page book is available from Amazon, from Barnes&, and through any bookstore.

When you book Alfred Poor to speak, you are entitled to order copies of the book at below-wholesale discount prices.

Why would you get career advice from a man who has not had a paycheck in 30 years?

Alfred Poor, PhD received his last paycheck in 1982. Since then, he has built a successful career as a freelance writer, speaker, and trainer. He has survived in a world without guaranteed stability, where each assignment for a client could be the last. To survive, he had to learn how to find his way through tangled bureaucracies and to forge lasting bonds with decision-makers at all levels.

With humor and energy, Alfred Poor is a skilled teacher who can convey old-school concepts of initiative and responsibility to today’s students in a way that they can take to heart and put into practice.