Alfred Poor

Speaker, Author, and Technology Expert

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Alfred Poor has presentations covering a variety of topics targeted for different audiences. Here is a list of some of his programs that can make your next event a huge success:




Career Skills

College and Career Success Strategies

High school students

A highly-interactive session that takes a positive approach to helping students understand the importance of developing and practicing essential “soft” career skills now and in college. They must take responsibility for this, and not depend on others to make it happen. They will leave with practical steps that they can take right away to make them better students and more attractive candidates for employers.

College and Career Success Strategies

High school parents

What is the best major to take in college? Is a college degree worth the investment? Is my child going to be saddled with crushing student loan debt? Parents struggle with these and other questions, especially if they did not attend college themselves. This interactive program engages parents with an unvarnished analysis of the situation and practical guidelines to help their children prepare for college and career.

SURVIVE the Corporate Jungle

College students

This highly-interactive program shows students the skills and behaviors that they need to set themselves apart from the field, so that they can land a good job, succeed at it, and find fulfillment in their work after graduation.

SURVIVE the Corporate Jungle

Recent graduates

This positive and upbeat presentation helps new employees understand the attitudes and behaviors that will help make them more valuable to their companies. It connects the dots for them between their self-interest and making a contribution to their employer, and is ideally suited as part of an on-boarding program for new hires.

Hard Truths about Soft Skills

College faculty and administrators

Colleges are under attack as their stakeholders demand better accountability. One key factor is that recent graduates are not prepared to succeed in the workplace, and lack the essential “soft” career skills that employers need. This interactive program explores the root causes for this problem, and what colleges can reasonably do with existing resources to address the problem.

Hard Truths about Soft Skills

HR staff and company managers

Recent college graduates are not prepared for the workplace, and we all pay the price. This in-depth program shows HR staff and managers understand why today’s recent college graduates lack the “soft” career skills needed by their employers. Participants will leave with new ideas for ways to deal with the expensive engagement and retention problems posed by these young workers.

Small Business Marketing

Power Marketing for Small Business

Small business owners, solo practitioners, and non-profits

Small business owners wear many hats, and many lack the time and skills to create effective marketing strategies. This up-beat, non-technical program shows why online video is the most leveraged marketing investment you can make, in terms of both time and money. Get found by your customers, build trust, and grow your business with a surprisingly small investment of time and money.

Stop Wasting Time on Social Media!

Small business owners, solo practitioners, and non-profits

You read everywhere that social media is the hot new way to market your small business, but can you really get a return on your investment? Social media technology expert Alfred Poor busts the myths and shows you how you can have an effective program to promote your business in 30 minutes a day or less.


I Sing the Body Electric: Wearable Technology for Health and Medicine

Any group that wants an entertaining and informative technology presentation

Wearable technology is changing our lives, and not just by counting our steps. This fast-paced presentation samples some of the latest amazing products and applications available now and in the near future, from custom-printed body casts to self-powered heart pacemakers. The editor of Health Tech Insider and international technology expert Alfred Poor, Ph.D. will be your guide to this fascinating field.

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