Alfred Poor

Speaker, Author, and Technology Expert

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When an employee loses his or her job due to downsizing, mergers, or other staff reduction, he or she is confronted with a tangled mass of problems, questions, and worries. Many employers try to help with the transition by providing help with preparing resumes, as well as training in job-seeking skills and strategies. The fact is that it is taking longer and longer for even qualified candidates to find new positions. As a result, they need to find ways to fill their time that are both beneficial to their job search as well as provide some positive cash flow. Alfred Poor is a 30-year veteran of full-time freelance work, and gives workers an unvarnished and detailed view of how they can put their skills and experience to work while they look for a new job. He provides practical details about the business of being a freelancer, from finding assignments to managing the money.

This presentation is based on his book, “$2 Million Man: Lessons from a Successful Freelancer.” It is best suited for workshop settings that allow for plenty of interaction.